Hotel Distribution Management

Enrich Revenue is a leader in hotel distribution management. Using our hotel distribution services, our hotels and resorts improve their direct and third-party distribution capabilities. We go beyond managing pricing, restrictions and availability. We improve, or replace, distribution systems with the required functionality and connectivity to support an integrated distribution strategy. Hotel distribution systems are the backbone for any advanced revenue strategy, along with providing instant reservation confirmation and reservation delivery. Advanced revenue management strategies rely on accurate and up-to-the-minute data, and the hotel distribution systems must be able to provide this foundation. Every piece of a hotel distribution network offers its own unique benefits and challenges. The key is making sure the entire network works together to reduce errors, reduce manual tasks and improve the accuracy of availability and rate parity.

Enrich Revenue has the knowledge and experience necessary to make sure our hotels have the best hotel distribution network. We maximize distribution, while reducing its cost. A hotel with great revenue strategies, but a poor distribution network, will never reach their true revenue potential.



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