Channel Managers

Enrich Revenue is an expert in hotel Channel Managers, based on years of experience implementing and managing various Channel Managers. Using our hotel distribution services, our hotels and resorts improve their Channel Managers know-how and usage. We optimize the Channel Managers to make the most of the hotel investment. Whether it is improving distribution, availability for tour operators, channel specific restrictions or reservation delivery, we have more experience than most hotels need. Our experience makes it easier for us to review, update and implement Channel Managers that perform better for the connected partners and for the hotel.

Channel Managers are often thought of as a necessary expense, instead of a tool used to give rates and inventory worldwide. One fundamental requirement for a hotel to be able to improve sell-outs and room revenues is seamless distribution to all channels, and this is where the hotel Channel Managers are key. Want to improve your hotels rate parity and reservation accuracy? Want to give your guests instant confirmations and have all your reservations from the connected channels delivered directly to the Property Management System? Optimize your Channel Managers with Enrich Revenue.